Miniature Rotation Stages

Rotation stages with piezomotor make for particularly compact sizes.

Many applications in microscopy require free light passage. These compact rotation stages can also be used in optics applications, where they position, for example, filters reliably and with excellent repeatability.

Rotation stages can be mounted on linear stages without adapter and allow for flexible combinations of multi-axis positioning systems. 

Miniature Rotation Stages with Q-Motion & PILine® Drives

U-628 PILine® Rotation Stage

U-622 PILine® Rotation Stage

U-651 Rotation Stage with Low-Profile Design

U-624 PILine® Rotation Stage

Q-632 Q‑Motion® Rotation Stage

Miniature Rotation Stages with Stepper, DC & Brushless DC (BLDC) Motors

RS-40 Compact Rotation Stage

DT-80 Compact Rotation Stage

DT-34 Miniature Rotation Stage