Miniature Linear Stages

Miniature stages are essential in positioning tasks where available space is limited. Piezomotor solutions like Q-motion®, PIline® and PiezoWalk® allow for the most compact stages due to their direct drive principle.

PI’s stages with electromagnetic motors are present and proven in automation tasks worldwide. Ask for your customization! 

Miniature Stages with Q-Motion®, PILine® & PiezoWalk® Drives

U-523 PILine® Linear Stage

Compact Linear Stage with Ultrasonic Piezo Motor

Q-521 Q‑Motion® Miniature Linear Stage

Smallest Linear Stage with Position Control, High Resolution and Affordable Price

N-565 Linear Stage with the Highest Precision

NEXACT® Piezo Stepping Drive with Subnanometer Encoder Resolution

U-521 PILine® Linear Stage

Compact Linear Stage with Ultrasonic Piezo Motor

Q-545 Q‑Motion® Precision Linear Stage

High Forces and Small Design Due to Piezo Motors

Miniature Stages with PIMag® VC VoiceCoil and 3-Phase Linear Motors, Stepper, DC & Brushless DC Motors


A-142 PIglide Voice Coil Linear Stage with Air Bearings

High Performance • Cleanroom-Compatible • Option for Vertical Mounting

M-110.C86311 Linear Stage System

Compact Linear Stage, DC Gear Motor, 5 mm Travel Range, with Controller

M-110 • M-111 • M-112 Compact Linear Stage

XY(Z) Combinations with a Variety of Drives and Travel Ranges

L-306 Compact Precision Z Stage

Compact Design, Multi-Axis Combinations

L-505 Compact Linear Stage

With DC or Stepper Motor

V-408 PIMag® Linear Stage

Inexpensive, with Linear Motor

V-508 PIMag® Precision Linear Stage

Versatile options for adapting to requirements

L-402 Miniature Linear Stage

With DC or Stepper Motor

A-141 PIglide MB Miniature Linear Stage with Air Bearings

High Performance, Cleanroom Compatible, Customizable

V-522 • V-524 • V-528 High-Dynamics PIMag® Linear Stage

Voice Coil Direct Drive with Direct Position Measuring

M-122.2DD1 Microtranslation Stage

Compact Linear Stage with Direct Position Measuring

M-105 Microtranslation Stage

Precision Crossed Roller Guides, PiezoMike Option, XY(Z) Combinations

MTS-65 Miniature Linear Stage

Robust Design for Industrial Use

L-406 Compact Linear Stage

For Loads to 10 kg
  • This PI precision-class linear stage from PI has a ground precision leadscrew that ensures smooth running for loads to 10 kg.