PICA Piezoelectric Stack Actuators

Stack, Power and Thru

PICA piezoelectric linear actuators in stacked design are very reliable and feature a large specific displacement. The operating voltage is 1000 V.

  • PICA Stack actuators provide high forces.
  • PICA Thru feature an inner hole, for applying a pretension or as clear aperture in optical applications.
  • PICA Power piezo actuators are made of a piezo material that allows for a higher operating temperature and thus higher dynamics.

For PICA Stack/Power/Thru Actuators

Piezo amplifiers for PICA Actuators offer a voltage range of up to 1100 V, which is available as unipolar or bipolar voltage. Amplifiers with high output current allow dynamic operation of the actuators and precise positioning while requiring low power.
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PICA piezoelectric linear actuators are produced in a wide range of shapes. Depending on the application, they can also be assembled with adapted ceramic or metal end pieces, additional coating, temperature sensors, etc. On request, we gladly offer you customized products.

Applications and Markets

  • Laser technology and laser beam control
  • High-load precision positioning
  • Precision mechanics and precision machining
  • Switching applications
  • Active vibration damping

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Piezoelectric Actuators

Components, Technologies, Operation
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CAT128 R2
버전 / 날짜
CAT128 R2
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White Paper

PICA Stack Reliability Investigation

Some typical test results that demonstrate the reliability of PICA Stack actuators under AC- and DC-operation conditions.
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