Focussing on Global Growth Markets

Motion and Positioning Systems for Industrial Automation, Microscopy & Life Sciences, Semiconductor, Photonics and Research

Nowadays, maximum positioning accuracy is critical for success in many application areas. Be it industrial automation, microscopy & life sciences, semiconductor or photonics: In all these markets, positioning systems with resolutions and repeatabilities from the micro-, nano-, to the picometer range are required. Additionally, there are numerous requirements such as dynamics, short response times, a vacuum-compatible design and function in a wide temperature range. Based on a uniquely broad technology portfolio, PI offers numerous standardized products for positioning and develops application-specific solutions together with customers. Thanks to service hubs around the globe and individual service agreements, PI ensures a high uptime of components and systems in the customer applications.

It Always Seems Impossible. Until It’s Done.

고객의 미래에 관한 한, 불가능한 일은 없습니다. PI는 이미 내일을 위한 솔루션을 개발하고 있습니다.