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PI (Physik Instrumente) Appoints Scott Jordan as Head of the Photonics Market Segment

With immediate effect, Scott Jordan is head of the newly defined photonics market segment in the globally active PI Group. He is well known in the community for his passion and engagement and has earned himself a very good reputation and his expertise makes him ideally suited for this position. 

Silicon photonics makes use of standard silicon semiconductors as a medium for sending and receiving optical information. For this purpose, optical components are also integrated into the silicon substrate in addition to the electronic components. Microchips manufactured in this way are able to transmit data via optical waveguides at terabit-per-second rates with very low power consumption and heat generation.

Scott is American and has been with PI for around 20 years; he was active as director of NanoAutomation technologies and made a decisive contribution to continued technological development of the company. He knows what silicon photonics means for PI: "Silicon photonics is a combination of two technologies and who is more able to combine two business sectors to find an excellent solution than PI", explains Scott. PI has the best prospects for serving this rapidly growing but still very young market. However, he isn't just focusing on the economic success but also on the advancements that can be made with this technology in health care, for example. That's why he emphasizes: "We're not just talking about technology and economy, we're talking about life!"





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