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Bringing Together what Belongs Together

Mixed operation of up to 40 axes with one controller    

During operation, it is often necessary for several drive axes to work together. On top of that, further motion controllers are necessary, which have to be started up individually and must be connected to the higher-level control. The time and financial resources required for this should not be underestimated.

With the PIMotionMaster, PI has found a practical solution: The modular controller brings together what belongs together into a compact rack, whose size depends on the requirements of the user. Up to 40 axes can be controlled in mixed operation, for example, DC motors, piezo drives or magnetic direct drives.

The processor and interface module (master module) is always the "heart" of the controller and is connected to the higher-level control via a USB or Ethernet interface. The necessary drive modules are simply slotted into the rack and fixed with two screws. The master module automatically detects the controller module type. The multi-axis modular controller can be expanded just as quickly. If a further axis is required, the user just inserts the additional controller module.

Datasheet: C-885 PIMotionMaster




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