Hexapods provide motion in six degrees of freedom in the most compact package. In combination with absolute measuring sensors, software and motion controllers that make the most complicated motion profiles easy to command, PI hexapods answer industrial requirements. All drive types can be matched to meet the conditions of the individual application.  

The broadest portfolio of standard hexapods ranges from miniature versions for sample positioning in beamline experiments, high-resolution dynamic positioners for fiber alignment, to equipment for industrial production processes, where hexapods position high loads with sub-micrometer precision.

Motion hexapods provide more dynamic motion and are designed to follow pre-defined trajectories with high precision, for example in camera test stands.

PI Hexapod Simulation Tool

The simulation software simulates the limits of the workspace and load capacity of a hexapod. Therefore, even before making a purchase, you can check whether a particular hexapod model can handle the loads, forces, and torques occurring in an application. For this purpose, the simulation tool takes into account the position and motion of the hexapod as well as the pivot point and several reference coordinate systems.

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Software Files

Hexapod Simulation Tool

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zip - 4 MB

Miniature Positioning Hexapods

H-811.I2 6-Axis Miniature Hexapod

H-811.F2 6-Axis Miniature Hexapod

H-811.S2 6-Axis Motion Hexapod

H-810.I2 6-Axis Miniature Hexapod


P-911KNMV UHV-Compatible Miniature Piezo Hexapod

Positioning Hexapods for Loads up to 250 kg


H-840.G2IHP 6-Axis Hexapod

H-825 6-Axis Hexapod

H-840 6-Axis Hexapod

H-850 6-Axis Hexapod

H-824 6-Axis Hexapod

H-820 6-Axis Hexapod

H-206 6-Axis Alignment System

Hexapods for High-Load Positioning

H-855 High-load 6-axis hexapod

H-850 6-Axis Hexapod

Dynamic Motion Hexapods

H-811.S2 6-Axis Motion Hexapod

H-860 6-Axis Motion Hexapod


H-900KSCO Fast 6-Axis Hexapod

H-840 6-Axis Hexapod

Vacuum-Compatible Hexapods

H-850.V Vacuum-Compatible 6-Axis Hexapod

H-811.I2V Vacuum-Compatible 6-Axis Miniature Hexapod

H-824.V Vacuum-Compatible 6-Axis Hexapod


P-911KNMV UHV-Compatible Miniature Piezo Hexapod



C-815.82xxx Hexapod Cables

Hexapod Motion Control

C-887.52x Hexapod Motion Controller

C-887.53x Hexapod Motion Controller with EtherCAT®

Manual Control Unit for Hexapods

C-887.MC2 Manual Control Unit for Hexapods




Hexapod Positioning Systems

Parallel Kinematics for Six DoF of Motion, Dedicated Software, Active Alignment Solutions

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CAT136 2018-08
pdf - 11 MB