Engineered Systems

Precision components, stable control and a great deal of experience in engineering are essential for high-precision complex motion and positioning solutions. PI is a supplier of technologically sophisticated drive components and high-precision positioners and also offers all levels of integration up to the turnkey solution.

Engineering services have been a part of PI's core business for many years. Complete solutions, fitting seamlessly into existing processes, advance automation in major research installations as well as manufacturing and inspection processes for chip production or photonics packaging.

Core Competences

Application support and consulting for motion and positioning applications
Reliable and prompt series production even for large quantities
Economic design
Commissioning of turnkey solutions
Complex multi-axis designs and parallel kinematic robotics
Broad spectrum of technologies: Drive, guide, and sensor technologies
In-house motion control electronics and software platform
Customized software integration such as Epics, LabVIEW, Tango, …

A Reliable Solution with Engineered Systems from PI

The most important thing is to understand the customer's task. Our engineers have extensive experience in implementing and qualifying the systems. In order to achieve the maximum benefit, we also consider the local constraints right from the very beginning.

Dr. Marthe Kaufholz, Head of Product Division Engineered Systems

Steps towards success:

  • Define together what the exact purpose of your question or application is
  • Close cooperation with you on an engineering design level during the concept phase to find the perfect solution
  • Technical and business proposal
  • Detailing the complete system
  • The system is assembled, tested, approved by the customer and then delivered
From the initial design to delivery: Working together for the best solution



PI Engineers: Smart, Experienced, and Creative

On the basis of our broad product and technology portfolio, we develop the technically best possible positioning system for your process.

Dr. Markus Simon, Head of System Consulting Group

Engineered Systems Use Top-Quality Components

The key to success is that the entire knowledge and experience of the PI family is used for creating customized products for individual applications. Customized solutions are made easy with the broad portfolio of standard products available from one supplier.

PI provides all the components for the system and integrates these into a turnkey machine for production or inspection.


  • Micro- and nanopositioners
  • Handling and robot elements
  • Machine vision
  • Software integration

Production Capacity for Customized Products

The production spectrum ranging from integrated systems, a two-ton hexapod to a 10-gram nanopositioner requires that PI has available equipment and technologies with which these systems can be manufactured, assembled, and qualified.

  • 5,000 m² clean room for production
  • Climate- and vibration-isolated measuring conditions
  • Vacuum technology for environments to 10-10 hPa



  • Metrology with traceable, calibrated external measuring equipment
  • Monitoring of piezo actuator technology from material composition to final inspection
  • In-house manufacturing of positioning sensors

The professional production, assembly and qualification has top priority, starting from the first prototype.

Ralf Krämer, Head of the Manufacturing Fractal for Customized Products

Products & Projects

Gantry Systems

Gantries are normally equipped with linear motors. Travel ranges of up to 2 meters in XY are possible. If preferred, DC or stepper motors can be used for the Z axis. If nanometer precision is required, piezo actuators take care of dynamic fine adjustment.

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Beamline Projects

Beamline-Projects benefit from installation and qualification on site until the full acceptance of the delivered solution. This includes also UHV-ready delivery.


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Our Core Competences

Levels of Integration

PI is a leading supplier of high-precision devices in various states of integration. Components like piezo drives, sensors and compact motion controllers can be adapted to fit into OEM machines and production equipment. Manufacturing capacity for volume production is granted. The classical positioning system provides easiest set-up and allows for individual integration into an application. Fully integrated systems offer full functionality designed according to unique market requirements. 


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