Examples of Products and Systems for Various Application Needs

Each market and each application has different requirements for positioning solutions, for example, in regard to precision, dynamics, travel range, control, or software. Because of the broad technology and product portfolio, PI can respond individually to the requirements and even flexibly combine – from individual components up to multi-axis system assemblies.

Laser Materials Processing such as Cutting, Drilling, Micromachining, and Laser Welding

Tactile and Optical Inspection and Testing, Microscopy

Manufacturing of Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) – Pick-and-Place, Assembling, and Testing

High-Precision Piezo-Based Mirror Tilting, Lens Alignment in Six Degrees of Freedom, and Nanometer Precision Distance Adjustment

Medical Technology

Contactless Patient Monitoring and Treatment, Liquid Handling

Ultrasonic Applications

Smart Metering, Contacless Measurement and Sonar Technology