Adjustment of the Focal Planes in Confocal Microscopy

High-Resolution 3-D Imaging

Confocal microscopy is used in live cell imaging to produce virtual 3-D sections and Z stacks through individual cells or cells compounds. It is also used in dermatology for in vivo diagnostics of pathological cell alterations close to the skin surface.

Piezo-Based Drive Solutions

Piezo-based drive solutions position the objective with a repeatability of a few nanometers over ranges of up to several hundred micrometers. The individual images are then superimposed to create a high-resolution 3-D image.



Precise Z-positioning for creating Z stacks, 3-D images, and sections.
Processes which are observed over time benefit from short settling times in the millisecond range.

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Microscope Stage Configurator

Sample Stages and Holders for Inverted Microscopes
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P-725 PIFOC® Portfolio

Piezobased Objective Focus Drive Series
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