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Spherical Piezo Elements Enable Use in 360° Ultrasonic Applications

PI Ceramic now manufactures piezo components as hemispheres and hollow spheres.

Piezo components from PI Ceramic are now immediately available as hemispheres or hollow spheres. The outside diameter is between 10 and 60 mm. Larger diameters are available on request. The minimum wall thickness is 1 mm and other dimensions are also possible on customer request. 


Thanks to their design, the components are generally suitable for applications, which function as 360° sound transducers with a high bandwidth. Therefore, piezo components can be used in many different sonar application areas such as underwater communication, underwater monitoring, depth and underground relief measuring or for locating swarms of fish.

Application-Specific Adapted Design

The components are manufactured from ferroelectric soft or hard piezo materials according to the application range. This enables optimum setting with respect to the coupling factor and acoustic impedance. The spheres can be made with a hole or groove for easy mechanical integration.

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Press information kit - Spherical piezo elements

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