Fractal Manufacturing Structure

Production Model for High Efficiency and High Quality

Fast and flexible adaptation of production processes and cycles to current needs
Fast implementation of customized solutions
Shorter lead times due to shorter processing times
Dynamic adaptation to company growth

PI manufactures in autonomous organization units, so-called fractals. Each fractal is responsible for its own product line and has all the necessary skills and production equipment. It operates independently and controls all processes from the receipt of order and materials procurement through assembly and quality testing up to dispatch. 

Key figures for each area of responsibility simplify measuring and if necessary, correction of all activities within the production process.

Planning and production control within a fractal is focused on the principle of needs-based production and continuous improvement of work processes (KAIZEN). All objectives and processes of the manufacturing units are derived from the company targets of the PI Group and are bound to the fundamental guidelines, e.g., the integrated management system.